Additional dental services

Root canal treatment
Root canal treatment is part of Endodontics, the area of dentistry concerned with disorders of the dental pulp, most often in the treatment of teeth which are badly decayed, infected or damaged. Root canal treatment involves removal of the nerve from the tooth via a hole drilled in the top surface. The inside is cleaned out with disinfectants and needle-like instruments. The root canal is dried and a rubber filling is placed inside of the tooth- find out more about root canal treatment

Root resection
Root resection is a surgical procedure to remove an untreatable, fractured, or dissolving root while retaining the original tooth's structure. Root resection and other endodontic surgical procedures (such as post/core treatment) are done in instances where conventional endodontic (root canal) treatment is not sufficient to save the affected tooth - find out more about root resection

Periodontal curettage
Periodontal or Dental Curettage is the removal of dead inner tissue from the gum pocket in front of the tooth, to treat gum problems. One form of curettage can be performed by a hygienist, another requires a surgeon - find out more about dental curettage

Pain-free controlled anaesthesia: the “magic wand”
Many patients believe that during an injection, the insertion of the needle is what causes discomfort, when in fact most of the pain is caused by the flow of the anaesthetic. The mere sight of a dental syringe and the thought of having an injection by the dentist often make patients wish they were somewhere else. Our practices are committed to providing you with the latest and best advances in dentistry. That’s why we are now offering pain-free injections with the "magic" Wand* - find out more about our pain-free treatment

Conscious sedation(nitrous oxide/laughing gas)
Conscious sedation or inhalation sedation is taking deep breaths of gas (nitrous oxide, often called laughing gas) through a mask which is placed on the face/nose. This is not general anesthesia but sedation to a calm, detached and relaxed state between consciousness and sleeping, that helps overcome eventual fear or distress, but allows the patient’s cooperation, which is vital for the dentist during treatments (opening the mouth, turning the head etc). We strengthen the effect of the gas with tablets prior to the treatment, possibly using injection as well - find out more about conscious sedation

Additional treatment pricelist

Additional treatments VitalEurope prices
Root canal treatment €139 
Root Resection (front) €149 
Root Resection (back) €249 
Closed curettage periodontal surgery (per quadrant) €495 
Open curettage periodontal surgery (per quadrant) €269 
Conscious sedation per hour €239 
*Pain-Free controlled anaesthesia €33 
*CT €120 
*Available only at our Budapest clinic.If you would like to take advantage of this service during your treatment, please indicate this at the consultation to your consulting dentist or to your co-ordinator prior to consultation. No anaesthesia or sedation is necessary during consultation.

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