Orthodontic gallery

Here are some of our patients who finished their orthodontic treatment successfully.

This patient was very unhappy about his smile. He had protruding teeth with gaps in the upper and lower front area combined with tongue malfunction and bad rest position. All these were corrected by Damon braces and the result is amazing!

This patient complained about an unattractive smile as a result of protrusion and gaps in the frontal area. The upper centrals were chipped and there was a size discrepancy between his teeth and his jaws. He wore Damon braces and had some minor aesthetic treatment to remedy the chipped incisor. Just look at the difference!

This patient was suffering form crowded front teeth which resulted in an unattractive smile. He also had a hereditary long face tendency. His was treated successfully by Damon braces and now he can't stop smiling.

This lovely patient had an unattractive, assymmetric smile due to crowded upper teeth. Her midline shifted because of missing upper left canine. Her smile was perfected by Alexander braces and now she looks fantastic.

This patient had a severe gap between her front incisors and protruding teeth which made her smile unattractive. She was also suffering from tongue malfunction in form of tongue sucking, tongue thrust and bad rest position of the tongue. She opted to wear Alexander braces and she was extremely happy with the result.

This patient complained about his unattractive smile as a result of severe lower and mild upper frontal crowding. He had a crossbite of the lower left and upper left central incisors causing some functional problems. He wore Invisalign braces for 16 months and the result speaks for itself.