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Budapest Dental Holiday

We see thousands of patients annually at our dedicated facilities making us the No.1 overseas dental clinic for British patients.

VitalEurope is one of the world's leading dental healthcare service provider treating patients across Europe. Our handpicked dentists hold dental consultations in London, Paris and Budapest.

VitalEurope offers high quality, comprehensive dental services to help you improve and maintain good dental health and self-esteem. VitalEurope dentists provide tooth crowns, dental bridges, dental implants (also known as tooth implants), veneers, orthodontics and all types of cosmetic dentistry.

We not only carry out the core treatment but also arrange the complete dental travel for our patients.

We are proud to have a staff of nearly 120 personnel including our highly qualified multilingual dentists, friendly and caring dental nurses, outstanding customer care and attentive reception staff.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Your teeth are unique and the way you feel about them is very personal. Some people long for a Hollywood smile; others just want quality restorative dentistry at a reasonable price.

Dental treatment, whether for cosmetic or functional reasons, is always a significant decision; and at VitalEurope we have expert aesthetic dentists, as well as implantologists, orthodontists, endodontists, periodontists and gnathologists all at hand.

Our specialists will meet you in a relaxed atmosphere and have ample time to discuss treatment alternatives, times and costs. In every case you will receive one or more detailed treatment plans so that you can make travel arrangements, take time off work and budget accordingly.

In Budapest you’ll pay around 50% less than UK prices.
Or take advantage of our convenient Oxford Circus clinic and benefit from the most competitive prices around.

Tooth Implants

Our dentists see over 5,000 patients a year for dental crowns, dental bridges, dental implants (tooth implants), veneers, orthodontics and all types of cosmetic dentistry in Budapest and London. All tooth replacements come with a 3 year guarantee and all our UK dentists are registered with the UK General Dental Council.

Call us now to make an appointment for a no-obligation consultation at VitalEurope Oxford Circus.