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Great care is taken in selecting our dentists and surgeons to ensure that as well as having the clinical expertise and the empathetic qualities you'd expect, they are committed to providing you with the highest standards of treatment and care.

All our practitioners work within industry recognized protocols, including clinical governance and undergo regular internal clinical audits and assessments. They also participate in ongoing dental and dental nurses clinical education and professional development courses, all of which meet the mandatory requirements of the General Dental Council of Hungary and all our UK dentists are registered with the UK General Dental Council.

We select our practitioners based on their language skills and foreign experience.

All of our dentists are able to provide comprehensive care. However, if a specific problem requires further treatment, we will make the services available to ensure you receive seamless treatment.

Our award-winning laboratory allows us to perform certain lab procedures - making crowns, bridges and dentures, for example – in most cases on the premises of the treatment. You can benefit from significantly reduced waiting times for this type of work. It also means that laboratory technicians are available to work directly with you to make sure your tooth has the color match or shade you want.

Our dentists, dental nurses, and other practice staff, regularly attend courses which enable us to keep up to date with the latest developments, in order to provide you with best service.

Our customer care team is delighted to take your calls to arrange check-ups. You will be meeting our London team at your initial consultation and people who also ensure you have a seamless treatment are the support and the management team.